Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Lost Pictures
Arghh I am so frustrated, I took some wonderful pictures of my Lilac bush the other day and they have gone missing in action on the computer.

I will go out and take more of the blooms and hopefully they will end up in a folder where they can be located easily.

Yesterday I went out and purchased some plants to put into the side garden (my on going project) mostly I got snapdragons. This little splurge was to help me get the borders of the side-garden defined. Now that I have those in place I will be outside most of Thursday to weed and put in some of the trillion of seeds I have. I did spend six solid hours out in that area last Thursday at the expense of the other gardens and did a major cleanup. The area is starting to fill in and this year I am determined to get it all planted and blooming. The one garden tool that I have discovered I really must have is an edger, and this will be purchased on Thursday. I am hoping to cut an edge in the front of both borders running along the side of the house so that I can plant an alyssum border on both sides. The side that runs along the house I am going to put seeds in for some Malva since it comes back so easily and re-seeds nicely. The lilies that where planted last year in that area are coming back strong with lots of new shoots, even the one I thought died. Can the new shoots be dug up and transplanted? Also on the list of things to do in this area is dig up some of the pansies that have multiplied in the back gardens and transplant them. I may even thin out the black-eyed susans and put a few in against the wall.

As for the other garden areas they are all coming back to life, but I still need to clean up the weeds.

And oh happy days when I went into the backyard yesterday to put on the sprinklers I happened to look at my Apricot tree and I will have Apricots this year. I can hardly wait, this is the first year it has given me fruit! She jumps for joy and smiles broadly.

"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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