Sunday, May 28, 2006
My Garden Exploded
It has rained for four days and my garden exploded into a profusion of colors. I have not even been out planting anything new these are all just my good old come back every year plants.

Here is the Wiegela just bursting with blooms

Also on the big bloom explosion are my iris and rose bushes

It is amazing how a good rain will bring out the blooms and of course the grass is now about 4" high so I will try to tackle it tomorrow, there was just no time for it today after I did laundry and made bread. Also I have to be to work in an hour. Sigh! I do get three days off at the end of the week but with a price, I have to work six straight days, but I figure it will be worth it. The plans are to do any grocery shopping I need to do on Thursday and housework through the week, that way I can have all of Friday and Saturday and even Sunday if I can still move to play outside. Look out gardens and in particular side garden you are all getting a big cleanup and lots of fresh mulch.

Here is a picture of my first lily of the season,

And the highly prized Apricots

"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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