Tuesday, June 27, 2006
And yet more pictures
It has been just too busy for my liking lately, however we finally have everything done with J's truck and that was a lot of work. By the time we transferred all his junk oops I mean trucking gear and what not into the new truck and did the insurance , and had the radio installed we were finally finished Sat. Morning. Then we connected the 5th wheel to the pickup and hauled it home so I could clean it up before our camping trip this weekend. I had J go in and scope the unit for dead mice LOL I just can't stand those creatures dead or alive. We had a birthday party to go to Sat. night so after all that I had to run to the mall for a gift and got home long enough to shower and get ready. Almost got to embarrass myself as well when I got out of the shower, I always use the ensuite and leave our bedroom door open, well thank goodness I heard J talking and realized that a friend of ours was coming in the house, I had just enough time to grab the bath towel and wrap it around all my glory and shut the bedroom door.

Sunday morning after making breakfast I cut the lawn and by then it was too hot outside to do anything else. J left early so after I dropped him off I came home and cleaned both bathrooms top to bottom and put some ribs in the oven. My son Cody and his wife Alyssa came over with Zayden to pick up the birthday present that my daughter Rachel sent. And of course we all know how the wrappings amuse the kids more than the presents. Here is a picture of Zayden with the box it came in. Can you believe he is already 1 and has been walking since Easter?

I'm glad I had ribs in the oven because the kids decided to stay for dinner.

Monday morning I was still on the big cleaning spree, at 6:30 am I was out in the trailer and hauling in all the dishes,bedding and towels to wash, cleaned all the counters,inside the cupboards,swept and washed the floors, by 9:30 I was finished. Then it was a trip to the liquor store and grocery store, and then to work.

My poor gardens are getting overrun by weeds but it is so hot by 9:30 in the morning I can't stay out there although I did manage to do some dead heading. Here are some pictures I took the other day. The first one is one of the lilies I planted last fall,as they multiply I will continue to move them so they will create a low hedge along the fence line.

The following shots are random ones from the back gardens.

And here are a few of some plants blooming in the side garden.

And finally a one of my guard dog Lucy who protects me from such things as shadows,dust bunnies and any bugs dumb enough to enter the house. She also helps to entertain Zayden when he is here. She is protecting my leg in this picture against any possible bruising that may occur should I bang it on the desk.

"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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