Thursday, June 08, 2006
Gardens and Computers
Here I am again finally. So much for my repaired harddrive it lasted about a week and the same problems occurred. Well enough is enough it was beginning to be like an old car needing repairs every week or so. I went up to Staples last Thursday to check out the prices of drives with no real intentions of buying. I found a nice one, however for an extra $50.00 I walked out of there with a whole package including a photo printer, and a 17" flat screen monitor. So color me happy!!!!

For the last three days I have spent 4 hours out in my yard every morning weeding and trimming. Today I started to tackle the side garden and made some progress. Here is a picture of what I call the walk of shame aka before weeding was started.

Here is a picture of some of the cleaned up area (still have a lot of work to do )

I dug up two Black eyed susans and transplanted them in an area that I cleared as well as a pansy which had managed to get itself into the lawn in the backyard and then gave the area a good watering. The watering could of been skipped if I had known we where in for a two hour major downpour late this afternoon. Hopefully the rain is done for a few days as I really want to get this area all cleaned up and planted over the weekend.

Now here is a picture of my climbing rose bush with a new trellis, the poor thing has been laying on the grass for the last couple of weeks.

I also harvested the Rhubarb yesterday and got it all cleaned up,bagged and put into the freezer. I think the real reason I work is to get a rest. LOL

Remember the lilies I bought last summer? Well here is a picture of one of them with a bunch of shoots. My question is can these be dug up and transplanted? And if so how and when can I do this? (ok no pic. blogger is being stubborn)
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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