Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures
You are all going to be sick of pictures but I have taken a lot and want to share them.

The first series are of the walk of shame aka the side garden. Remember the poor flowers that were all hidden by the tall grass and weeds? Well I got out there for the last few days and cut all the grass right back and pulled a ton of weeds and now I am ready to do some serious dirt turning and planting. However it is pouring rain today so I really don't know if I want to go out. I am actually going to cheat a bit and dig up small areas at a time to plant seeds and then just keeps digging up the other areas around those as I go.

The before:

The after: This whole area was overgrown like the previous picture so I really had to clean it up

You can see where the grass has yellowed and this is going to be my guideline for the edge of the border for this summer. I was looking at a blog that Zoey did and I am considering using Snow in the Summer up both sides along the edges and maybe mix in some Dusty Millers. Also as you can see I have lots of Iris and Day Lilies at the far end so some of these are going to be moved and planted against the wall just to help fill in some of the area quickly. There is also the big basket of seeds that I have so once the rain lets up and I get out there to plant I am hoping to have a good start on this area. Notice the green plants sticking up? These are red lilies that I planted in the fall that are suppose to multiply quickly, hopefully they will and I can start putting them along the edges with the Snow in the Summer.

There are two climbing rose bushes hiding behind the lavender with nothing to climb since the cheap arch I purchased last summer keeps blowing over and is falling apart, so I need to find one that is sturdier.

This is some kind of lily I believe that was also planted in the fall.

My miniature roses in the front of the house. I keep pulling the day lilies and iris out of these area and they continue to come back every year bigger and stronger. I want to plant the whole area with miniature roses.

I am going to do a second blog today to post the rest of the photos.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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