Saturday, June 10, 2006
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Oh boy I think I burnt myself out through the week doing all the gardening and house cleaning etc. Friday morning rolled around and I totally did not want to go outside to do any gardening or stay inside to clean house,I was just feeling very lazy and tired. So off to Walmart I went to buy a few tank tops, what I ended up getting were 3 pairs of Capris, 1 tank top, a jacket, and these funky shoes for $6.78

The place I work now is casual dress so the choices in my wardrobe were very limited since my previous job was in an office. The other major factor in this splurge on clothing is the fact that I have lost close to 35lbs since November, the jeans I bought in February are hanging off me and I also wear my cell phone on my belt loop and the other day I was constantly pulling my pants up and then caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized how baggy they really are. Not complaining mind you, and I was surprised when I went shopping that I have come down 2 sizes since Feb. Today I went to a different store and bought 3 tank tops and two light sweaters.

It was a great day today however the only thing I did was hang out with my guy and we went for a couple of beers and lunch with some friends, in fact I did not even cook dinner I went and got chicken from the Colonel. My daughter came by the house and wanted to go look at my yard so out we went. Here are some shots of things that have bloomed since Thursday.

My Clematis

I don't know if anyone remembers that I mentioned last year I had planted Canterbury Bells, well I figured they just did not grow and oh well. However, sometime through the cold winter months I read that they are biennials but then forgot about them, so imagine my surprise and delight tonight when my daughter and I went into the back garden and discovered these.

The orphaned rose bush I rescued from my friends deck

We had friends over last weekend for a BBQ and they came in with these flowers for me and my grandmothers cut glass vases.

The picture is of the lilies shoots I was trying to post on my last blog.

Sweetpeas coming to life and the daisy plant just waiting to explode.

I just love getting these bursts of unexpected blooms. Happy gardening everyone.
"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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