Tuesday, July 11, 2006
I'm Not 19?
Ok why didn't someone remind me that I am not 19 any more. I spent 3 hours in the yard yesterday before work and a good 7 today. Now the only thing reminding me that I am not 19 are my poor screaming muscles. Oh well I did get a lot done, all the trimming around the edges was done by hand shears which means of course I had to really weed all the back gardens since I was so low to the ground I couldn't bear not to. After I finished all that I redefined some of the edges and enlarged one a bit. This meant simply moving some rocks and bricks, which I was doing anyways to get the grass and weeds from underneath them. I then went on to plant two white carpet roses that I bought at Walmart the other day on a clearance, they were $3.00 each, and move a Thyme plant.

After this I was pretty much done, not the work just no more energy. While I was cleaning up the tools and pulled weeds I caught a wonderful scent. This is what was causing it.

The first of my Oriental lilies to bloom.

Surprises in the back garden as well. The balloon plant and the white feverfew also are in bloom.

I was fooling around with my camera last night when I got home because the moon was cresting over a mountain these are the two best shots I thought I would share the first it the moon coming over and the second is the moon in all its glory. I wish I had thought about zoom when I took the first one though.

The last photo is the Apricot tree, the fruit is starting to ripen, Yum I can hardly wait.

"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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