Friday, July 07, 2006
Stormy Nights & Prizes
Wednesday I thought I was back to work and as I was getting ready it dawned on me that I might have another day off so after checking my day planner I realized that yes indeed I did have one more day of holidays. Not that I was complaining it was just a very nice surprise. Oh joy! So quickly changing into my gardening clothes I went outside and finished cutting the grass and then started working on the side garden, with dark clouds looming in the sky and a nice cool breeze I felt like I was in heaven. It started to thunder and I felt a few drops of rain, however not to be deterred I finished the section that I had left the other day and started on another area. The weather of course had a mind of it's own and when it started to spit lightning I decided that was enough and put away the garden tools. My neighbor was picking Saskatoon berries so I started helping her, plus it gave us chance to visit since she also works nights, the rain then started coming down in big drops which we ignored until it turned into hail at which time we both ran for cover. It poured hard and steady for about 3 hours with thunder, lightning and a high wind. Here are a couple of pictures of the sky later in the evening.

If you look close enough at the first picture you can just see one of the moonlights to the left.

Yesterday I went downtown and into a garden & antique store that I had never been in and found an antique birdbath at a very good price of $139.00 today I am thinking of going back and buying it. Now I need to decide if, although it is not that much I really should put the money elsewhere.

Also yesterday I had to go back to work and after being there for about an hour I was told that I had won the door prize last Thursday for the Canada Day celebration they had at work. I seldom win anything so this was pretty cool. The door prize included a folding camping chair, a holder for salt,pepper mustard and ketchup in the shape of a BBQ as well as a cooler full of goodies. Of course you know I took pictures to share. After I emptied the cooler to show all the goodies that were in it, it reminded me of a picture from the Chrisco Christmas Hamper magazine. There are even two martini glasses and a beach ball.

"May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers"
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